Information for Sellers Considering a FedEx Route Broker

Choosing a Broker to Sell Your FedEx Routes - Call us at 240-490-2895

There are numerous FedEx route brokers that sell or attempt to sell FedEx routes and linehaul runs.  Fees are upwards of 8-10% of the ultimate sale price for many.  While some are experienced, many have little to no real knowledge of being a FedEx Ground contractor.  Many over promise and under deliver.  They will just field initial calls and immediately schedule buyer and seller calls that waste your time with tire kickers. Some even create "fake listings" of routes for sale to purport their popularity.  

When choosing a broker to sell your PSA(s), CSA, or linehaul runs consider the above and ask lots of questions. Don't be scratching your head on why you are paying 8-10% at the close of your sale. 

Why choose MyGround® Routes for Sale?

If you want results and the following, we suggest you choose us under a "Finder's Fee" type arrangement and not a Broker:

  • Low Fee.  We have the lowest sales facilitation fee in the industry, just 4% of the ultimate sales price. We use a "Finder's Fee" model to be keep our fee low. Our competitors dislike us greatly as they cannot match that fee nor provide the level of service we do at that low fee.  No other fees and no fees unless the sale goes to closing.
  • Confidentiality. We vet all buyers so tire kickers and non-qualified buyers don't waste your time or ours.
  • Experience.  We not only support Sellers and Buyers in sales on a regular basis, we are also former FedEx Ground contractors.  We know the FedEx Ground transfer process and operations.
  • Buyer Pool.  We work with a large amount of Buyers who have us on the lookout for FedEx Ground P&D routes and linehaul runs just like yours everyday.
  • FedEx Ground Focus:  We only support the sale of FedEx Ground P&D routes and linehaul runs.  We aren't trying to sell bread, snack, and numerous other routes.

What can I expect

While many recognize the opportunity of FedEx Ground routes and are very interested in purchasing your routes, many prospective buyers may not have the financial resources. 

There will be lots of interested parties, but just a few that are truly qualified.  It is important to appeal to the qualified buyers.  You as the Seller are responsible for deriving all the financial data and other information for the runs/routes to provide to the potential buyer.  If you as the Seller attempt to "hide" your financial and operational data, the potential Buyer will probably find out and your deal will fall apart.

Some routes and runs sell quickly, others can take up to a year or never sell at all.  Most don't actually sell as Buyer offers are lower than what a Seller may want.  Patience is key.  While some report Routes and Runs may sell anywhere from 3x to 4x Owner's Cash Flow (EBITDA plus add backs) the likely hood of this is not guaranteed and in fact many sell for much lower.  Many Brokers over promise what your routes or runs may sell for.

Why Not to choose MyGround® Routes For Sale

We admit we aren't for all potential Sellers.  If you expect any of the following from MyGround®  Routes for Sale we aren't for you:

  • Derivation of financials
  • Placing ads without the content you provide
  • Derivation of vehicle information
  • Speaking about the routes/runs in detail on your behalf (we are only Finder's)
  • Supporting any financial returns or financial information you claim (they are your claims not ours)
  • Verifying any of your information
  • Acting as your Agent

In addition, due to the broad geographic nature of our services and  unique state requirements, we may not offer sales facilitation support in the following states: Alaska, Arizona,  California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah,  Wisconsin, and Wyoming.  Please check with us to determine.